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QUAD42 is a Digital Signage solution that’s built from the ground up for the new millennium. The solution is designed and built based on feedback from users like you and hence it has become the most sought after and user-friendly digital solution available today.

The proprietary Artificial Intelligence Engine that’s baked right in to QUAD42 or the bundled Smart Plug or the host of other industry first features will make your life super easy and your business a great success. Now SMBs with just one screen/device to large corporations with thousands of screens can all unleash the potential and power of their communication to win their customers. Well, the pricing is just the icing on the cake.

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Multi-lingual support

Supports all languages

Multi-screen support

Supports as many displays as needed

Screen splitting

Split your canvas into two, four or more

Multiple content formats

Support text, images, and videos

Play lists

Create a play list for days together in advance

Content authoring, storage, scheduling

Templated authoring of content and scheduling

RSS integration

Integrate RSS feeds – flash news, stock and weather tickers

3rd party integration

Integrate with best-of-breed systems

HD resolution

Supports 4K resolution

Vertical-horizontal support

Supports any form of screen orientation

Single device download

Download on one media device and broadcast to multiple screens in the same network


QR codes, voice calls, and touch functionality

Event based triggers

Sensor based recognition, image capturing, time and location specific information

Video walls

Multi-screen video walls


Workflow with approval


API support

User Accounts

Unlimited users

Intuitive content editor

Widget Support

Remote Switch on/off

How it works

In order for you to use the QUAD42 digital signage solution, you only need the following:

  • Signup with QUAD42
  • Buy Media player from QUAD42 or Install QUAD42 Media player on your favourite operating system and connect your display
  • Connect to QUAD42 Cloud
  • Mention the purpose of your Digital Signage
  • QUAD42 suggests Most suited Templates for your purpose
  • Choose the content source
  • Start engaging with the audience
  • Passively monitor the effectiveness of your engagement
  • Constantly improves the effectiveness of your engagement automatically

QUAD42 Media Player can also be installed on

* Android 4.4 and above

* Windows 8 and above

* OSx

* Raspberry Pi B+

* Linux

* NComputing RX300 with Raspberry PI


What are the basic requirements for me to subscribe to your platform?


All you need is an objective for you to use digital signage. You should have displays, Internet and a media player and you are good to go.

What kind of media can be played using your platform?


It can be simple texts, text scrolls, still images, graphics, pre-recorded videos, live streaming videos

What is the speed of Internet that we need?


Media gets played through local rendering and Internet is needed only to sync the schedule with the media player. Anything from 512 kbps would be appropriate. Even, when the Internet is cut, the scheduled media would keep playing on the display units.

Does your system have any workflow built into that?


Our platform allows you to define user permissions, which defines users as contributors, authors, and administrators. Only, when the administrator approves would the media gets scheduled as a part of the play lists. Otherwise, it doesn’t play.

Can this be played on the mobile and tabs today?


Yes, it can be played on mobiles and tabs. The best part is that you wouldn’t need a separate display and media player when you use your mobile or tab.

What are the different types of media players that can be used with QUAD42?


Any android media player would work with QUAD42. However, we recommend the following media players

  1. Android Dongle – Low end device that supports single screen video. It has a dual core processor, full HD play back, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and KODI OS
  2. MXQ Pro Android 5.1 TV Box – mid level device that supports single video with multiple contents. It has a penta core processor, 4K resolution, Wifi/Bluetooth/RJ45 connectivity, and KODI OS
  3. Cubox i2 – full service device that support multi-video content. It has a dual core 1 GHz processor, 4k resolution, 3D accelerator, WiFi/Bluetooth/RJ45 connectivity with latest Android OS

What would be the cost of the media players and do we have choices?


We recommend three types of media players based on your needs. This is covered in the previous question. There is a low end Android Stick that allows you to play only one type of media at any point in time and costs about INR 2000; At the mid-level, we have a media player that allows you to play multiple media types but only one video at any point in time and costs about INR 4500; At the high end, we have media players that allows all kinds of media types without any restrictions and costs about INR 12000

Can I use my TV as the display unit?


Yes you can! Make sure that your TV supports HDMI input and only then can you use it.

I have a Smart TV. Can that be used?


Yes. If you have a Smart TV, then you don’t need to connect a media player to your display. Your Smart TV itself would double up as a media player and the display unit.

Can we play content locally using your media player or the USB port on my display unit?


That takes away the fun of having an interactive platform and take you back by a few years. You won’t have control over what you promote and will dilute the brand. We strongly advice you not to do it and we would disable such features at the media player level through our platform.

Can we control the content played at the display level?


Absolutely. You get to choose what is played at each of the screens at any point in time. You can control this from our platform across devices and locations.

What is the typical implementation timeframe?


This functions like a plug ‘n’ play solution and can be setup in a matter of minutes. However, you need to be clear about the objectives of your signage.

Would it be applicable for my industry?


This can be used in any industry – from hotels to corporate lobbies, from hospitals to educational institutions, from transportation to events, from retail to public spaces, from banks to housing societies – you name it and it can be used.

Would you help us in implementing the solution at the display level?


We provide full-service support at the platform level. At the display level, we provide you with remote support and it should take care of all your support needs.

Can I advertise on the screens that are managed by your platform?


It entirely depends upon our customers where we have implemented the screens and their objectives. However, we will help you reach out to additional screens based on your needs. Just write to us at

How do I reach your support personnel?


You can write to or call +91 44 2489 4565 and we would resolve any issues that you have in 24 hours or in a reasonable time frame

I want to implement QUAD42. Whom should I get in touch with?


You can fill up the contact us form in the website or write to and we will respond immediately to your needs

Representative List

Success Stories

250 screens for a Visa processing giant

QUAD42 has deployed 250 screens in India and Middle-East, displaying informational and promotional content. This is managed by QUAD42’s cloud platform and is integrated with their internal token management system

Digital museum – Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

QUAD42 powers a digital museum in Bangalore for a medical sciences and research institute. This comes with sensor based triggers for human identification, interactivity and intelligence to choose the right content to play for the right audience. This is deployed across 45 screens

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